Moe’s Notes

Recent Updates

2021-06-17 Awarded a Herbold Fellowship for the year 2021-2022.
2021-06-14 Working under Chi Wang at the Data Systems Group within Microsoft Research this summer.
2020-08-29 View a demonstration of causal inference on relational data with CaRL, which I presented at VLDB 2020.
2020-07-10 Read my letter in The Seattle Times regarding the administration’s (since retracted) plan to expel international students.
2020-06-15 Awarded the Outstanding Senior Award by the Allen School of Computer Science.
2020-04-15 Excited to be joining the database group at the University of Washington in September 2020!
2020‑03‑13 Our first paper, “Causal Relational Learning,” will be presented at SIGMOD 2020.
2019‑12‑25 Proud to be awarded a Mary Gates Research Scholar.
2019‑12‑17 Honorable mention in the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award.